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Rising to the Challenge of Copenhagen

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Aussie Hegemon Avatar
Aussie Hegemon
Posted: 04.24.09, 08:03 AM
Mr. Gore loves the word "crisis" and it's best at a really high, insistent pitch. But this audience in Manhattan asks - what crisis?
Fountain Avatar
Posted: 03.25.09, 10:59 AM Royal Dutch Shell Abandons Wind And Solar Excerpt: "They continue to struggle to compete with the other investment opportunities we have in our portfolio," Cook said of solar and wind. The oil company’s investments in renewables will be limited to biofuels, which it believes are a better fit with its core operations. ______ At the risk of feeding the trolls, I'm proud of the work Al Gore has done to raise awareness on this issue (as well as Thomas Friedman).
webdesignbangkok Avatar
Posted: 02.16.09, 05:22 AM
Last week I read an article in The Sunday Times by James Lovelock, the Earth guru, titled "The fight to get aboard Lifeboat UK". The piece was about the Earth now being so populous, with nearly seven billion people inhabiting it, that all attempts to arrest climate change would be counter-productive and that we should prepare ourselves for Armageddon itself instead of trying to "fix it". Let's just take a look at the toxic environment we already inhabit: the colossal scale of greenhouse gases emitted from industry and agriculture; the vast ecosystems of the oceans that were once pumping carbon dioxide deep down below but can do so no more because they have reached saturation levels due to acidity and instead release it into the atmosphere; the clearing of the Amazonian forests for beef and their affect on absorbing carbon; the melting of the polar icecaps that are releasing ever more water into these oceans; and the desertification of the continent of Africa. Then, let's consider the growing environmental events such as Hurricane Katrina and the increasing occurrences of droughts and flooding. Did you know the exhalations of breath and other gaseous emissions by the nearly seven billion people on Earth, their pets and livestock are responsible for 23% of all greenhouse gas emissions? If you add on the fossil fuel burnt in the total activity of growing, gathering, selling and serving food, all this adds up to about half of all carbon dioxide emissions. Think of farm machinery, the transport of food from the farms and the transport of fertiliser, pesticides and the fuel used in their manufacture; the road building and maintenance; the supermarket operations and the packaging industry; to say nothing of the energy used in cooking, refrigerating and serving food. Like it or not, we are the problem.
MeMyself+I4life Avatar
Posted: 02.11.09, 09:56 PM
Dear Al, Isn't your fifteen minutes of fame over? Why don't you lead us by example? Drop some serious weight and diminish your astonishingly large carbon footprint. Thanks, A Denier

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