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Obama, the United States, and the Muslim World

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theknopfknows Avatar
Posted: 07.06.10, 07:49 PM
Not enough time ! Muslims free your women free yourself and free the world, this was not talked about! Change happens from with in, Free Muslim women. Every religion has their own idea of Equality, example, Hindu-Buddhist, silence is equality, we are all equal in meditation. Jew, "We are all born not knowing, ignorance is equality, therefore your automatic purpose in life is to know. knowledge is King. Christianity the equality is suffering, the Rabbi of Nazareth hammered on the Roman Cross, all suffer, equality in suffering. Islam "we love death as much as you love life" so says Hamas equality in death. All religions who believe in a life hereafter Christian or Muslim negate the present have no room for the Now, there is the problem but not addressed in these talks. Philosophy is the problem, balance is the answer Balance of Philosophy-religion and science!
nboyce Avatar
Posted: 10.13.09, 09:45 PM
I remember that but i'm trying to find where it was she said it. Do you know where the quote is from?
brushes9 Avatar
Posted: 02.20.09, 05:51 PM
Albright said that 500,000 children dying under the Iraq sanctions under Clinton were, "acceptable losses." I believe that Bin Laden is hiding out beneath the bags under her eyes. She needs to kill less children and get more sleep.
solaris Avatar
Posted: 02.17.09, 07:19 PM
Wait a minute! I cannot just home without saying: She *is* absolutely wonderful! All the best from Spain. Cheers! APS

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