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John Turturro: Jesus, Lebowski, and Orgasms

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Ape Alchemist Avatar
Ape Alchemist +
Posted: 03.17.11, 08:17 PM
awesome stuff
Andre Rain Avatar
Andre Rain
Posted: 08.06.09, 10:56 PM
Thanks so much for making this John!
twli Avatar
Posted: 08.04.09, 09:19 PM
This really is a brilliant talk; for any actor, for any filmmaker, for any artist or teacher.
Manna Avatar
Posted: 03.04.09, 11:44 AM
I have a whole new level of respect for the Jesus montage! That scene is flawless...You said it man.
And the knot comes loose...
heybd Avatar
Posted: 02.27.09, 05:23 PM
Ralph Avatar
Posted: 02.24.09, 01:37 PM
This was a funny and informative interview with one of today's greatest actors. It seems everyone knows of John's great performance as Jesus Quintana but few seem to know of another terrific performance from Tim Robbins's movie "The Cradle Will Rock". John played a character named Aldo Silvano. John had a big role but in one long scene which seemed written just for him, he stole the show - and I mean he nailed it. It was a tour de force and you don't see too many of those anymore. Thanks for this wonderful interview.

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