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Sir Ken Robinson: A New View of Human Capacity


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AnonZ Avatar
Posted: 05.19.11, 02:37 PM
I have expressed many of these views for a couple years now. I am an undergrad student and have had real difficulties thinking 'linearly,' in another presentation he talks about ADD, which I have once been told I have. Now I don't think ADD/ADHD is a 'crock' but the doctor's answers are (in my opinion) less effective. Behavior patterns, including motivation, are often the biggest issues with those with ADD, or other learning 'disabilities.' And at the same time, I was never taught healthy functions for my own motivations, correct principles, correct aspects allow freedom of thought, and of practice. Whether it be economics or education or politics, it's the simple aspects that allow a 'rule of law' to allow free motion within that system.
Popko090 Avatar
Posted: 10.26.09, 11:04 AM
Incredible. It's getting more and more obvious now that there is something wrong with education. I believe this idea of learning mindlessly - just memorizing information - whether it makes sense or not, is mostly spurred by the prospect of getting a job and consequently money. It is this materialistic perspective which is preventing us from really delving deep into our immense pool of creativity. Once this barrier breached and that survival is no longer associated with money I believe then people will understand this notion.
amirrahmanzadeh Avatar
Posted: 10.16.09, 01:44 PM
I found it fantastic. As I expect it was good and inspiring. Thanks for preparing the subject in your forum and making it possible to download. amir rahmanzadeh
Tony at Kamobo Avatar
Tony at Kamobo
Posted: 10.14.09, 07:12 AM
Not only are children neglected in their talents, but learning in general is a boring and dreary thing. It's a bad thing when we manage to alienate our children from learning. The sooner the industrial idea of the school system the better. We need to embrace freedom to learn and express oneself creatively; internet and games are the most profound learning tools we can use today.
Aaron Avatar
Posted: 09.04.09, 06:13 AM
As a teacher I couldn't agree more with Ken. The system we've inherited is imploding. The way forward will undoubtedly be bumpy (if not a full on bronco ride) but if we keep our focus on the children and their "element" or gifts we will pull out of this with a vastly improved and much healthier answer to the challenge to educate and inspire the next generation.
ryanjam4 Avatar
Posted: 08.22.09, 08:11 PM
great stuff.
captsuz Avatar
Posted: 07.24.09, 07:47 AM
FANTASTIC!!! Have come to most of these same conclusions after 25 years in the education of children. Absolutely agree with ALL of his points presented. There is an underground army of educators who also believe this way but are having to deal with the antiquated regime we now serve....but we keep our focus on what's important instead...the children!!