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Rick Steves: A Perspective on Iran

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Mohareb Irani Avatar
Mohareb Irani
Posted: 09.17.11, 01:10 PM
Shame on you Mr. Steves. At 00:45 :00 of this clip you say: "if you are Bahii, I'm sorry, but get out of Iran". How much of apolgist of that regime can you get to insult our beloved Bahiis who are Iranians and who the hell are you to tell them to leave the mtherland?! Why don't you tell the occupyiers of our motherland the agents of BP (your sponsor) to get out of Iran?! Just like the appeaser celebrities who visited Nazi Germany before 1939 and sung its praises. Oh, did he also say "if you are gay, lesbian, or protest against the IR, I'm sorry, but get out of Iran." It amazes me that people who bristle at the slightest hint of encroachment upon their freedoms at home, have no problem waving off the feedoms of those who live in totalitarian regimes. Really impressive standards Mr. Steve has.
Mohareb Irani Avatar
Mohareb Irani
Posted: 09.17.11, 01:09 PM
RICK STEVE is better off staying away from taking OIL money from the rapist terrorist Islamic Barbaric regime installed by the British Terrorist AYATOLLAH Elizabeth and BP.... SHAME ON RICK STEVES for not speaking against the Terrorist Islamic regime and talk about their cruelty against their own citizens... RICK STEVES keep repeating himself "HE WANTS TO HUMANIZE IRAN".... He doesn't mention It's the government of IRAN which a Terrorist Rapist Fascist regime but he includes the IRANIANS which are PERSIAN and not ARABS like the terrorist Islamic Regime's leader.. DEATH TO ISLAMIC REGIME OCCUPYING IRAN ILLEGALY FOR 32 YEARS and THOSE WHO INSALLED THEM AND DEATH TO BLOOD SUCKING BP MAFIA AND BRITISH ISLAMIST SUPPORTERS !!!!
theknopfknows Avatar
Posted: 08.15.10, 01:38 PM
Everytime you ask the hard questions He goes off into I don`t want to do that, no I don`t want to know that, I`m sorry He just doesn`t get it, needs to whitness a stoneing, lashes, torture in prison. Usa does the same, Rick needs to stay at home and work with homeless. Leave Iran to the Iranians. Obviously Israel was not mentioned, not much on Nukes or Supreme being, I think all his film was filtered by the Iranian republic guard.I wonder how much they paid Rick for this unnecessary adventure of ignorance, ignoring the important Human issues of a fear based society, that tortures their YOUTH! Death to America is still the mantra in the Mosques!
ppwest Avatar
Posted: 05.31.10, 01:25 AM
It is very good presentation.but Iran is not the same is persian. Iran has different ethnic groups that one of them is persian.there are others group like Azari,Kords
billclymer Avatar
Posted: 04.11.10, 12:46 AM
On what authority or knowledge can a travel guide assert, after two weeks in Iran, that "Iran wants nukes"
amirrahmanzadeh Avatar
Posted: 11.13.09, 01:22 PM
As an Iranian I found that how little a 12 days trip can show you of realities here. Your lecture as a whole is not realistic. Only looking at the surface. Any way thanks for your lecture.
Mitchell01 Avatar
Posted: 10.18.09, 09:03 PM
nnnn Avatar
Posted: 10.04.09, 01:51 AM
I am Iranian but not Bahai, I loved everything Rick said about Iran and I loved the video but the only thing that bothered me was his comment about Bahais in Iran. why Bahai should leave there country because suddenly an Islamic government came to power. what if a bahai government comes to power in Iran then all the Muslims should vacate the country. plus leaving Iran is not that easy for any Iranian even if they had the money. many Bahai's in Iran even don't have the money. I have Bahai friends in Iran they just simply want to practise there religion in private but they are not allowed. in my school in Tehran teachers said nasty stuffs about Bahais and used the F words to describe there mothers and sisters knowing there are Bahais among the students. and they could not say a thing to defend them selves yes this is how Islam is a religion of god. I was born Muslim but I don't like Islam or any religion but I have respect for those who believe it.
iranian Avatar
Posted: 04.24.09, 11:36 AM
to zhiges I'm also "what he calls a product of the new Islamic generation" and living in Iran right now, but I don't agree with you on "the crying for help" impression and that Mr Steves is even optimistic. Indeed, I think he's very realistic. Maybe the Iranians you know are "crying for help", but I know many Iranians who are enjoying their life and are happy with the system, albeit they may regret certain acts (the same as in the US), and they welcome foreigners warmly (e.g. the mullah in the Imam mosque whom Steve talked with). It's important to understand the perplexing variety in Iranian attitudes: some are deeply secular, some are very religious, and most are between. I recently saw a Zogby poll in a Reader's Digest issue which found that 36% of Iranians want a more Islamic state, while 31% want a more secular one. This divided-ness in Iranian opinions fools many Iranians and non-Iranians who try to conclusively label Iranians as "religious", "supporting their government" or "secular", "wanting to throw the mullahs out".
toosinbeymen Avatar
Posted: 04.20.09, 03:35 PM
You can do far better than PBS and NPR which stop a long before getting to the kernal of important stories. Try for their free 3 hour show each weekday.

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