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Adam Gopnik at City Arts & Lectures

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theseanze Avatar
Posted: 02.12.10, 09:13 AM
It's very tiring to scour the internet, consulting these types of talks and interviews of the experts just to realize that their job is more about preserving the sources they read and not to find the truth. Shameful how ignorant 80% of the intellectual/educational community, from what I've seen, ignores contemporary authors unless they're making footnotes to what was assigned in classrooms 20 years ago. This guy bothers to comment he read (more likely skimmed) through the God Delusion that morning . Then he sympathizes with his critics by saying Dawkins totally rejects all the art and history to religious culture. Dawkins explains in the book, and dozens of interviews, he is a cultural Christian and is only concerned with the implications of when people take the stories literally. Sounds like Gopnik thinks research is an end in itself...