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Symposium: The Holocaust Effect in Contemporary Art

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emmabear08 Avatar
Posted: 09.28.10, 12:17 AM
i think this is good it reminds people about this time of great sorrow.. do you think the victims would like people to forget? history should be remembered.
levenj Avatar
Posted: 02.03.09, 03:39 PM
Thanks for Watching!
Thanks to the two earlier comments for watching all the way through a lot fo the presentation and by way of making it to the summary of the Mirroring Evil exhibition overview by Dora Appel. I do hope that you had the time to take in more of the other artists work.
adriennejohnson Avatar
adriennejohnson +
Posted: 02.03.09, 02:38 PM
I agree -- it's atrocious.
SBell Avatar
Posted: 02.03.09, 10:55 AM
Does this not disgust anyone? I understand how this could be construed as art by some, but it just seems to take a lack of consideration for those that endured this atrocity to a whole new level. Lego's? Seriously? I guess I just don't understand the reasons for going this route to create this form of "art".