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Dacher Keltner: Born to Be Good

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DonAsTauno Avatar
Posted: 06.09.10, 05:54 AM
I remember following Dacher Keltner's class at the University of California, Berkeley campus titled: "Emotions." The accompanying textbook "Understanding Emotions," published by Blackwell is still available. The courses highlights included the activation of the muscles around the mouth as signifying. Keltner stands as a pioneer in the field of the positive, which is significant and reassuring.
Psycel Avatar
Posted: 09.17.09, 03:22 PM
So instead of bombing Vietnam with napalm, the American army should have bombed them with oxytocin, and assaulted them with smiles ;-)
tomwhite Avatar
Posted: 01.28.09, 11:28 AM
Dacher Keltner on the Power Paradox
Thanks for posting Dacher's recent talk. You can find Dacher is Co-Editor of Greater Good magazine and you can find out about his upcoming talks and get a free copy of his article on the "Power Paradox" in our back issue archive at

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