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Steven Johnson: The Invention of Air

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theknopfknows Avatar
Posted: 08.15.11, 05:07 PM
Priestlys family CALVINISTS Joseph was to be a preacher philosopher. 1749 He is very sick and left him with a stutter He could not shed and therefore NO PUBLIC PREACHING. Priestly stayed in THE LAB invented things later in 1774 He creates UNITARIANISM. HA HA PRIESTLY WAS GREAT HIS HOME ATTACKED TRY TO BURN IT DOWN ^ DID.HA MOVED TO DUTCH PENN. Jefferson in the Big House 1800. Priestly was anti/mason which upset George Washington. THANKS FORA TV CAHILL THOMAS WROTE A GROUP HISTORY CALLED Hinges of History.
phili Avatar
Posted: 05.22.10, 08:22 AM
like it seems to be very much like daniel boorstin and his triology -the discovers..
josealonsoleon Avatar
Posted: 04.17.09, 07:27 AM
What I find very impressive from writers such as Steven Johnson or for that matter Christopher Hitchens is the fact that they are not experts in the field they write, yet demonstrate a total passion and authoritative expertise that can only be achieved by having plunged head first into an ocean of data and historical research and thousands of hours of reading in order to deliver such enlightened point of views. I am not only impressed by this but thankful to them for having done it.
Trevar Avatar
Posted: 03.10.09, 02:37 PM
This is one of my favorite programs so far this year. I love how Johnson is able to make history so entertaining, while also appealing to my inner geek. Who knew our nation's founders were early adopters of open source!?
Trevar Mazza
Director of Media Production
rocketdog Avatar
Posted: 02.04.09, 03:47 PM
Johnson's thing seems to be taking cracks at wrapping a number of big, seemingly unrelated historical, cultural, sociological, and scientific elements into much larger unifying ideas relating to human progress as a whole. Although his results are sometimes mixed, it's always interesting to watch him try. It looks like he's made a similar attempt with this book...I'll need to check it out.
But words - words are not enough! - Klaus Kinski
raymond dash Avatar
raymond dash
Posted: 02.01.09, 04:51 AM
adriennejohnson Avatar
adriennejohnson +
Posted: 01.29.09, 11:11 AM
Richard Guha Avatar
Richard Guha
Posted: 01.24.09, 06:16 PM
A wonderful description of the intellectual curiosity of a singular man and his circle. Would that more people were like him.