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Saul Griffith: Climate Change Recalculated

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winstonC Avatar
Posted: 02.29.12, 11:52 AM
I have found that when it comes to energy reduction, often times the answer is more in the funding availability than in the technology itself. there are already many great ways to implement both efficiency projects as well as small scale renewable generation projects. But finding funding for these projects is often difficult. EnergyGridIQ undoubtedly helps with this. It's by no means perfect, but all you have to do is input your zip code and you literally get EVERY funding availability in your area. It's worth a visit.
greenlaserboy Avatar
Posted: 09.16.10, 05:54 PM
pay fora tv SUCKS
Andrew Atkin Avatar
Andrew Atkin
Posted: 07.22.10, 01:28 AM
Want to reduce our energy consumption? The most powerful tool is this: And (probably) one of the most significant initiatives is this:
alfredote Avatar
Posted: 04.26.10, 10:57 AM
To all those climate deniers and minimizers (such as 4timesayear) : Ever heard of the "polluter pays principle" ? How would you react if someone starts dumping poison on your backyard, that seeps into your house and sickens and kills your familiy? I would forgive you for being very, very angry. But why do you think that people in the countries which are going to be devastated by global warming should react any differently? The whatever-suits-me-even-if-it-destroys-others ethic that you seem to go by, with crass ignorance of the consequences of your actions on others, is what will make this world utterly unlivable within the lifetime of our children, even in the US, in which there are enough imbeciles that imagine that their military power allows them to do anything they want.
emynem Avatar
Posted: 04.11.10, 08:52 AM
These numbers are shocking and I am quite frightened. Something has to happen, but I don't think that the mankind will do enough. In my homecountry germany the majority does not think that climate change even occours ( german news collection ). :-(
anyone Avatar
Posted: 12.20.09, 01:57 PM
Saul Griffith confuses energy with electricity and mixes up primary energy consumption with end-user energy consumption. 11.5 TW years of renewable electricity corresponds to 6 times more electricity than what the entire world currently consumes (which is 16,880 TWh) and definitely not necessary. Obviously, if all the fossil fuel heaters and inefficient small IC engines would be replaced by electrically powered heat pumps and electric motors, the energy consumption would go down by a factor of 3. Even worse, Saul Griffith apparently assumes that the entire primary energy consumption of the current inefficient thermal power plants need to be replaced, which is simply absurd: A renewable power plant replacing an existing thermal power plant only needs to replace its electricity and not the tremendous waste heat that went through the cooling towers! Also, Saul Griffith omits the fact that over 99% of the area covered by a wind farm can still be used for other purposes (raising cattle, growing food, photovoltaic-farm etc.) and ignores off-shore wind power, which can replace all fossil powered electricity generation several times over without needing any land area at all: And here's example of the PV area needed: To replace 40% (current coal power share) of the current electricity production with photovoltaics one would need to produce 6,752 TWh per year. Which corresponds to 5.14 TW at only 15% capacity factor (no power during 85% of the year). At 15% PV efficiency this corresponds to a total area of 34'266 km2, which is only 4.9 m2 per person. 4.9 m2 is peanuts: A roof of a typical house covers an area of 100 m2. By the way: The AIG bailout cost $180 billion: Enough to finance Oerlikon solar module factories capable to generate almost 2 TW in only 20 years: And as opposed to bankster bonuses, jobs in the renewable energy industry reduce the unemployment rate.
hlparsleyjr Avatar
Posted: 08.10.09, 07:02 PM
Volkswagen's ONE, a high tech working model gets 282 MPG in the "short" NOW.
johnhorn Avatar
Posted: 08.02.09, 08:18 AM
With regards to the polar axis pointing to different constelations every 2500 or so years. Earth is suposedly entering the age of Aquarius, the water barer. Could the ancient observers have known of a period of warming and a period of flooding due to this earth sun configuration?
4TimesAYear Avatar
Posted: 03.12.09, 10:43 PM
Mr. Griffith, my brother's new ('81) Honda Civic had 48mpg on its sticker. I've seen others testify that their Honda Civics would get 50 plus mpgs back in the late 70's early 80's. None of these were hybrids. As far as the CO2 "problem" (if there is one), I ask you to consider how much CO2 is produced by having to heat homes, businesses, schools, hospitals, and factories to the recommended 68 degrees. I also ask you to consider how much CO2 is produced by having to clear vast numbers of parking lots, runways, city streets, highways, and interstates every time it snows, plus the tons of salt and sand when we get ice. Seems to me the answer to our CO2 problem is global warming. Other ideas to cut down on CO2: Make kids walk to school rather than providing "door service." (this would have the additional benefit of fighting childhood obesity) Quit adding school sports programs. Bring speakers in to speak to auditoriums packed with kids rather than shipping individual classes on field trips. All that bus shipping creates a lot of CO2.
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