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Zeke Emanuel: Scrapping the Health Care System

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Commonwealth Club of California

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PwlM Avatar
Posted: 09.28.09, 08:35 PM
He is trying to sneak in VAT tax back door.
James Allen Holder Avatar
James Allen Holder
Posted: 09.24.09, 12:02 PM
I agree, Emanuel's arguments are predicated on biases that can be easily challenged.
BlueBerry Pick'n Avatar
BlueBerry Pick'n
Posted: 07.30.09, 08:18 AM
impossible: if you're USING HEALTHCARE AS A PROFIT MARGIN... then all that ' healing & community care ' is just a burden upon humanity's incessant desire to turn everything into a profit centre commodity! this man must be a nuts to stand up in a public space & tell people that WHAT EVERY OTHER DEVELOPED NATION ON EARTH IS TOO HARD FOR AMERICANS ... but then, Americans are too freaking stupid to convert to Metric, too.... Spread Love, ... BlueBerry Pick'n can be found @ The Jeff Farias Show streams FREE & LIVE Mon-Fri, 6-9pmEDT "We, two, form a Multitude " - Ovid. " Violence can only be concealed by a Lie, & the Lie can only be maintained by Violence. " ... " Any man, who has once proclaimed Violence as his Method, is inevitably forced to take the Lie as his Principle " – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities. " - Voltaire ~~~ " Silent Freedom is Freedom Silenced "

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