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2 Billion Cars: An American Love Affair

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mxachary Avatar
Posted: 09.21.11, 01:49 PM
Cars bestow "untold benefits" on those who own them? I can think of exactly one - the ability to go where you want, when you want to. That's it. Now you can make a long list of places you can go and say that the benefits of cars are endless because they can take you there, but the reality is plain for all to see. The problem is that we glorify the car to make us feel good about inventing it and to propagate its long term use, which results in statements like these
theoriginaldrifter Avatar
Posted: 06.10.09, 01:25 PM
I'm sorry but aren't there some cities that are already including an extra gas tax so that people start driving less?
JacobvanLennep Avatar
Posted: 04.17.09, 07:46 AM
The activities in America towards alternatives on the individual mobility other than oil driven, seem to be in the very beginning. The authors of the book 2 Billion Cars: An American Love Affair (an American Addicts Affair would match better) do not see the problems of electric cars: Fuelled by nuclear energy(2 Billion Cars on Solarpower is an illusion)? With batteries out of materials to be mined in Africa, which causes similar problems known from the coltan-thread for the mobilephone production? What about all the other materials used to build cars, are they endless available? Nevertheless, the authors of the book should be encouraged to go on with their seeking for alternatives. The first official announcement of the end of unconditionally withdrawable gas would call the american car addicts to a civil war. Better do something before that happens. Maybe a little warning helps: Most of the world's oil is laying under the arses of moslims. And they want to drive also.

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