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Rick Prelinger: Lost Landscapes of San Francisco 3

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jarnosdad Avatar
Posted: 01.25.10, 05:15 PM
Amazing footage throughout the whole presentation. I've recently become the Datacine Operator at the Library of Congress facility in Culpeper, VA., and I lived in San Francisco for 10 years as a kid. Really enjoyed watching.
pameladay Avatar
Posted: 12.03.09, 12:20 AM
Amazing!! Thank you for all of your hard work - and for sharing your passion. I LOVE this City of ours
KELLY C Avatar
Posted: 11.14.09, 09:04 PM
I love that this is a video of spliced film as it's being viewed live. You hear a bunch of comic historians adding peppering current events over old history - citing dates & places from 1938 & cackling at the endless construction on 280. We should do this more often!
Alberto Forero Avatar
Alberto Forero
Posted: 11.10.09, 08:42 PM
Wonderful presentation and stunning footage!
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