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Secretary Michael Chertoff's End-of-Year Remarks

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theknopfknows Avatar
Posted: 12.19.10, 06:25 PM
I guess if you are making a POLICE STATE, You need ignorance like this because they ignore constitutional rights. To give up Liberty for security you deserve neither.. Jefferson. TSA-Chertoff Sticking your hands down pants at airports or Radiate with body scanners, Rape or Radiate policy, when will Americans stand up to this Chertoff Lunacy, He is so much like the Germans-Hitler 1931. Next thing He will want to cancel the right to bare arms thats how Hilter-Stalin-Mao they all started with Homeland security system, everyone tagged-DNA recorded and filed, then came GUN CONTROL, disarm the public and the rest is ARREST, American Justice is JUST US and your NOT one of US. Thanks fora got my memories moving, Nazi mentality making a come back.
theknopfknows Avatar
Posted: 12.19.10, 06:10 PM
Her is a grade a fool, Chertoff F-off, This wimp of a human , left the Security Homeland and is a top executive, peddling the BODY SCANNERS SELLING THEM TO AIRPORTS BUS Stations AND TRAIN STATIONS knowing full well they cause skin cancer Dr. Russell Blaylock writes, Chertoff F--k off also suggested that most of the people will hate to get rough pat downs and will OP for the scanners not knowing the cancer involved. Yes He is a chip off the old Nazi block, Homeland security is USA version of 1931 Gestapo THE SCHWARTZE KORP is back with Chertoff at the lead, what a creep. I am old enough to have seen this before.

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