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Tan Le Brings the Force to Life with Mind Control Device

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primerspawn Avatar
Posted: 04.09.10, 02:05 AM
can i think that i made a payment when it asks for my credit card info? i imagine not...
theoriginaldrifter Avatar
Posted: 06.22.09, 01:05 PM
Awesome video. If this program/way of thinking ever goes public, we will end up becoming an even lazier race because we will be able to use this program not only for computers but probably for anything electronical like microwaves, telephones, televisions, etc. For some reason, the video reminds me of the movie Equilibrium.
Master Elf Avatar
Master Elf
Posted: 03.30.09, 08:39 PM
LOL reminds me a bit about the Cyber Punk rpg. But for all it is worth, maybe the people in wheel chairs with no arm or leg mobility can utilize this tech for a better life. Then again when will we be able to just chip into our electronics for some real cyber punk action. lol
jbapowell Avatar
Posted: 03.06.09, 10:02 PM
How to develop processes that are unexpected by the computer? So instead of working with the computer to activate a set command (rotate ccw, disappear), you are working with the computer to create a new command.
David Arredondo Avatar
David Arredondo
Posted: 01.30.09, 09:06 PM
Couldn't the machine just be reading the activity of the extra-ocular, temporal or scalp muscles?
Dalbanese Avatar
Posted: 01.29.09, 11:04 PM
Wouldn't it be more meaningful to begin with application to the medical field? Disabled individuals? War veterans? Beuller? Beuller? Anyone? Wonderful, fascinating technology! To read the mind! But what happens when we can begin to control others minds by stimulating their electrical impulses from our own headsets? Will we have Professor X extracting confessions from prisoners in the secret-secret (as opposed to secret and recently closed) CIA prisons? Oh no! The future is too complicated! I'm getting out while I can! Again though, the imagination (from comics and science fiction to Tan Le's dinner chats) precedes reality! Are humans ready for this responsibility? Our thoughts immediately manifested into the real world? Sometimes I don't like the way my subconscious mind moves. Should I give it such free reign?
AlienIquirer Avatar
Posted: 01.27.09, 10:17 AM
MARVELOUS mind control at 13:22 - 13:24 .
scienceTASTIC Avatar
Posted: 01.10.09, 08:56 AM
Making cubes disappear
I thought this video was going to be cool... and it was! I guess I can control my computer without the headset thingy. We talk about this post on episode eight of my podcast, scienceTASTIC. Check it out .
helmholtzwatson Avatar
Posted: 01.02.09, 12:09 AM
re: fidelharley i'm sure that stephen hawking will be continuously accosted by not-so-subliminal advertisements as he is walking around and interacting directly with the physical world via his mind controlled exoskeleton....
fidelharley Avatar
Posted: 01.01.09, 03:48 AM
Those people are fucking nuts. I know what its going to be used for - selling shit to unaware people. That is selfevident See the movie They Live.