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Peter Diamandis Pioneers Private Space Travel

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nightlight Avatar
Posted: 10.12.09, 06:10 PM
I can not say enough good things about Mr. Diamandis. This is truly visionary capitilism. Instead of using one capitol to enrich ones self at the expens of customers and workers or getting the government to finance the development and then finagling for governemnt contracts he has actually come up with ways to make capitol to work for the benefit of all. He is truly an example of what American capitolism should be. I can hardly wait to se what else they come up with.
joeguitargod Avatar
Posted: 02.05.09, 09:39 PM
Peter Diamandis is a philanthropic visionary whose noble efforts are as inspirational as they are salutary! Ghandi's quote of "Be the change you wish to see in the world." is obviously a principle that Peter Diamandis embraces with genuine passion and zeal! History will surely look back on him with reverence and adoration!
franklin.lyons Avatar
Posted: 01.08.09, 08:59 PM
I am so impressed with this whole concept, it has such great potential. It is like a gold rush of human possibility.
cariann Avatar
Posted: 01.02.09, 11:41 AM
Peter Diamadis is truly an amazing and motivational person. I can't wait to see what X PRIZE Foundation comes up with next!

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