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Feel Like the Incredible Hulk with Tim Ferriss

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EG3 - Monterey 2008

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Monk211 Avatar
Posted: 02.09.11, 02:09 PM
This presentation leaves a lot unsaid. I must ask, why did Tim Ferriss say that it is NOT the fault of the swim coaches, that swimming is taught incorrectly? (Discrepancies between methods taught and methods in practice were discovered at least a century ago, by Frank Gilbreth.) As part of the institutions of education imposed upon us, irreplaceable time and money is consumed, to perpetuate ineffective and wasteful practices. And it is not as if our schools and other educational institutions are producing satisfactory results, in any field. Does Tim Ferriss feel the same way about the foreign language teachers, who waste students' time? We are talking about "institutions" that produce very little results, but still lay claim to a large part of the parents' tax money, and all of the students' time. At the same time, these same institutions come back and tell us, they don't know why students are not learning, and have no idea how to remedy the situation. Are the institutions NOT doing "research"? Only eccentric outsiders, like Tim Ferriss, can give us a fresh viewpoint? --and then let the subject drop, and get forgotten, as we continue our current death march of education. The most recent case to be rediscovered, is cumulative brain damage, caused by repeated impacts to the skull, in organized sport. When I was in school, the institution of physical education encouraged violent collisions to the point that one student died, after "just one little bump". And the most gruesome aspect was, as one of my classmates was brave enough to point out, everyone was "proud". --especially the coaches. This was hardly lifetime fitness, as it was justified, as mandatory education.
morrison33 Avatar
Posted: 09.23.10, 04:37 PM
The lesson to be learned here is clear. AVOID AT ALL COSTS BECOMING ANYTHING THAT RESEMBLES THIS GUY - I mean, please, does anyone really takes this complete and utter garbage seriously!!! If you do, I FEEL sorry for you, and I hope I will never meet you
markfox Avatar
Posted: 09.26.09, 05:43 AM
The Incredible Hulk, Lou Ferrigno, is now 57 and still looks great. Tim's Japanese speaking ability is awesome. Will try to apply his suggestions. I wish he could stop the lip smacking noises.
Posted: 03.12.09, 08:46 AM
Rarely have I met any foreigner who speak Jananese that well.
heytaylor Avatar
Posted: 02.22.09, 05:10 PM
Don't be ridiculous reviewers who think Tim is narcissistic. Tim is great at deconstruction and uses his own life experience to drive points home. His book The 4 Hour Work Week was life changing for countless numbers of people and I loved this presentation. 5 Stars and a favorite view of mine. Bravo Tim!
AndreaJ Avatar
Posted: 01.29.09, 11:16 AM
Could anyone be more full of himself? I never would want to feel anything like him OR the Incredible Hulk.

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