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Matt Harding: The Making of "Where the Hell is Matt?"

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EG3 - Monterey 2008

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Previous FORAtv comments:
headpond Avatar
Posted: 09.08.10, 02:56 PM
Matt's talk tainted what was a very pure idea. He should have talked simply about his ideas and not been distracted by the fake topic.
Mary Cross Avatar
Mary Cross
Posted: 04.14.09, 05:14 PM
Thanks for posting this video. I've gone to Matt's site over the last year and a half or so to see what he's been up to. The dancing is joyous, especially with the crowds. It brings tears to my eyes. Such a treat to hear directly from him. By the way, anything spectacular on Youtube gets called fake by disbelievers in the possible.
microchip08 Avatar
Posted: 03.22.09, 11:14 AM
The confession that the hoax was a hoax:
Emily Lozano Avatar
Emily Lozano
Posted: 02.05.09, 02:38 PM
This presentation and confession is the hoax. There is no Buzz Brain. It almost broke my heart when I started to believe it was a hoax. If animatronics were that good there would be no more actors. Too bad the website seems to be down now. Any updates available on Matt?
AndreaJ Avatar
Posted: 01.29.09, 11:17 AM
I'll confess: I totally fell for this. . .
johnsmileyjr Avatar
Posted: 01.04.09, 06:40 AM
What a shame and lost opportunity by cutting the video off short and not letting the song and dance be complete to the finish!