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Is Democracy Globally Viable?

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AlienIquirer Avatar
Posted: 01.27.09, 08:46 AM
America wants democracy in the world but it doesn't even have it at its own home: Bush LOST the popular vote in 2000 but was voted into office NOT by the people BUT by the Supreme Court! You can't write better comedy than reality in America. And what about democracy in North Korea? Rwanda? Cuba? Nepal? China? Come on, everybody knows that going into Afghanistan and Iraq was about Bush's boyhood dream of becoming a hero and the dark side who used him and his dream to rape those countries for control of oil, power and money. "Democracy" is funded by the Pentagon who Donald Rumsfeld, himself, stated on 9/10 that they "cannot track 2.3 TRILLION dollars in transactions". All these guys talking in this video have tanks in their six-car garages. (I'm just mad that I'm poor and don't own an invisible tank myself)

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