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Dan Ariely: Tendencies of Irrational Behavior

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EG3 - Monterey 2008

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Foraboy Avatar
Posted: 11.28.09, 01:30 PM
register, log in, open a video, click Download, and click on Video. You can download the whole video to your computer even if the browser player don't work.
David Peterson Avatar
David Peterson
Posted: 10.26.09, 06:50 AM
Never mind, playing problem came right all by itself. Ps - thank you, Dan Ariely is pretty fascinating.
David Peterson Avatar
David Peterson
Posted: 10.16.09, 04:39 AM
None of the videos on this site will load, Firefox or IE. Flash player is up to date. Arghh, frustrating.
Robert Holmes Avatar
Robert Holmes
Posted: 06.28.09, 08:39 PM
I want to see a full lecture instead of the 20 minute TED talk that I saw on Bummer... There is another talk from 2008 and it's clear that this guy has a lot to say worth hearing.
brad4d Avatar
Posted: 01.19.09, 05:48 AM
The option I feel manipulated to choose, is for adaptability rather than set up the frustration of expecting anything to remain stable...rationality is the human curse to be critical, so following a "natural" course is more supportive if only in attitude. Exceptions came before rules or we couldn't all be so exceptional.
Perico429 Avatar
Posted: 01.16.09, 08:43 AM
I truly enjoyed this presentation. It has certainly given me much food for thought.

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