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Free to Booze: Celebrating the Repeal of Prohibition

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already in use
Posted: 07.26.11, 05:51 PM
the current PROHIBITION of CANNABIS as just a plant must be repealed ,, treat it like TOMATOES.. HUMANS have had their HUMAN rights to use , grow & posses this natural plant , TAKEN AWAY by authorities who have MORAL & RACIST ISSUES on their agenda. AMERICA is in the hands of greedy powerful prison building & drug pharma groups with NO GOOD intentions. PROHIBITION is an extremely pervasive EVIL that continues to do much DAMAGE around the WHOLE WORLD. however , many countries have seen the light & are reforming this reppressive stance on their own citizens. COMPASSION & CARE ,,, when did you last hear these words in a prohibitionist argument ? consider the "TOMATO MODEL" we should be free to grow & use as we please. GO the "TOMATO MODEL" or try to prohibit tomatoes, that's how how obscene & ridiculous this drug law really is. EDUCATE NOT INCARCERATE.
dascamel Avatar
Posted: 01.07.09, 07:01 PM
The problem with the distribution system is that only one distributor can carry one brand. Take Miller Lite, Miller Lite is only going to sign with one distributor in a region.