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Dan Piraro: Bizarro Buccaneers

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Previous FORAtv comments:
SalSanMar3 Avatar
Posted: 08.20.10, 02:52 PM
Also took that cross being the last thing Jesus wants to see from the great Bill Hicks.
gulrezdoc Avatar
Posted: 10.21.09, 05:27 AM
ignorance breeds contempt
Bashful320 Avatar
Posted: 08.25.09, 01:41 PM
I'm glad I wasn't at this event, it would have been a nice mix of painful and awkward. Sorry Dan..
BlueBerry Pick'n Avatar
BlueBerry Pick'n
Posted: 07.30.09, 08:04 AM
that was one scripted "arg" wow. but I must say: if Jebus had fried in the electric chair, obsessive gringos would be ...wandering around wearing little electric chairs around their necks... ...while blowing up neighbourhoods in Afghanistan & Iraq because they 'didn't get Jebus ' ...& baptizing non-Christians in their graves... not much would change: except they'd know that Empire breeds peace martyrs & they'd be embracing the " Rome " in " American Imperial Republic" at least now I know that if I ever decided to do standup... I could start knowing that audiences are more tolerant than I'd ever realized... maybe its the lack of booze in the library? ...hum, given that Arizonans are now legally 'entitled' to wear concealed weapons in bars... it limits the places rational individuals will stop for beer on cross-country roadtrips...
Gnarlodious Avatar
Posted: 07.30.09, 07:57 AM
I laughed. What more do you want?
solaris Avatar
Posted: 12.19.08, 09:09 PM
The symbol of early christians was a fish. I agree the cross is a badly chosen symbol: it was a tool for the most painful execution the roman empire could come up with.
PJR Avatar
Posted: 12.18.08, 09:46 AM
WOW it amazes me to see someone actually use this level of humor and have anyone listen to it. I guess there must be some talent somewhere to actually convince any audience to listen to this and think its funny. Of course since it looks like there are only a few comments maybe there is no talent and there are few listening. It’s always interesting how people reach into their limited experiences and project them like everyone relates to them.
walter libby Avatar
walter libby
Posted: 12.18.08, 09:45 AM
What if Jesus Christ died in a electric chair? Nice ripoff of Lenny Bruce. Avatar
Posted: 12.17.08, 06:37 PM
I used to work in south Camden, NJ and get my lunch at a fruit salad cart outside the Human Services building. Two women in full muslim garb were in front of me in line. One of the women started talking to the other like she knew her. It was a case of mistaken identity. They ended up sorting out who was who by detailing the different, multiple men that each had had children with.