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China: New Hope or Threat to the World?

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COPE2 Avatar
Posted: 05.23.10, 02:20 AM
the thing with china and the environment is that they are producing stuff for the west, and not for themselves. all those ipods and iphones that they make. do you really think they are the ones using them? no. these foreign companies go in there, set up factories, and pollute their country, while foreign companies make the profit. yet some how in the bizare world, the foreigners have the nerve to complain about pollution. if anything, the finger should be pointed at the west for their insane and ridiculous capitalism that convinces people to buy things that they dont need and consume more than they can afford. this is one of the reasons america is going to collapse because the biggest enemy of america is not china, iran, or korea, it is capitalism. if you really want to solve the problem of pollution, then stop consuming so much. china simply wouldnt be producing so much if the west wasnt so wasteful, and didnt have an out of control demand for massive amounts of products. of course westerners cant figure this out. from an environmental stand point, you have that option, or put the factories in your own countries and pollute YOUR own environment, and stop screwing up other peoples countries. if you want to look at threats then maybe you should look at america. i cant think of a single more sabatoging and evil organisation than the cia, that goes around the world killing, sabatoging, torturing, and beating people simply because they wont submit to u.s. business demands.
ruiz1707 Avatar
Posted: 12.11.08, 09:51 PM
great format!!