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Alonzo Mourning: 'Resilience, Faith, Triumph'

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Duke D Avatar
Duke D
Posted: 01.04.09, 04:13 PM
We are Not Alone in Our Journey !
This is an extremely inspirational story.I was particularly touched by it due to the fact that over the past eight years I have experienced several life threatening diseases. Begining in 2002 with colorectal cancer and after several years followed by experiencing a quadrupal bypass. I have come through these with the assistance and talent of many wonderful people. All of my strength was not internal. A lot of it came to me from outside sources From all the wonderful nurses and Doctors that I've met on this journey to all the friends who joined me in support, to all the friends who I've made along the way; each of them has enabled me to maintain a positive approach to survivorship.I owe a great debt to all of them for helping me through this dark time with a bright and positive outlook. For each of them I'm eternally grateful. Mr. Mournings short speech simply added to this feeling and reinforced my belief in maintaining a positive approach to life and to understand that We ARE NOT ALONE. To quote Nietczhie,"Whatever does not destroy me, makes me stronger !"

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