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Steve Fainaru: In the Company of America's Mercenaries

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Sayed Avatar
Posted: 01.08.10, 02:28 PM
So, the lesson you get from listening to all this is well as long as no American diplomats are killed doesnot matter how many innocent Iraqi civilians are killed since the outcome is worth the terror, and noone is going to be punished for killing innocent civilians as long as it suits the National Interest of U.S. Seconldy by any definition of mercenary, they are Mercenaries and you show me one person who disagrees with on that and i will show you a hypocrite. I will argue till the cows come home that these Mercenaries are the real Terrorists. JUST OUR TERRORISTS. May be one of the answers for "WHY THEY HATE US"?
Posted: 12.12.08, 05:01 PM
The most important factors. The parties who employ them are guilty from top. will justice prevail?
solaris Avatar
Posted: 12.06.08, 11:16 AM
The US Gov. went too far in the "outsourcing thing". Worst of all is that the EuroUnion (where I am) is copying many of the "American mistakes" in such policies, not the least concerning some aspects of "security". I believe Blackwater is not to blame: I lived for a year in a country at war [where even buss and taxi drivers had .45's reado to fire] and I would suggest: "be a security officer in such a terrorist environment and you will understand".
ghfrost Avatar
Posted: 12.06.08, 08:53 AM
Other levels of 'contracting' exist. Though Mr. Fainaru presents an excellent overview of companies willing to meet and speak with a reporter, other 'contracting' will never be known -- or will only be known as individuals reveal other operations. I recommend, of course, the primary work on 'contractors,' Blackwater: The rise of World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army, Jeremy Scahill. Mr Scahill suggests a path of investigation.

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