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Power & Sex: America's War on Sexual Rights

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Frankystein123 Avatar
Posted: 01.26.10, 06:40 PM
The success of the religious Right war on sexual pleasure is also due in part of the moronic people who actually believe in "soulgasms". First of all, if you still believe that a religious cult has works on behalf of your best intentions, then you are just a fool. Secondly, if you believe that someone other than yourself knows your body better than you, then you are just pathetic.
Jaya Avatar
Posted: 01.23.10, 12:40 AM
I feel Faye Wattleton's comments were objective and bold. I think we need to be circumspect about any sweeping condemnation of the efforts by conservatives or any one else to caution people about excess. We cannot do away with the notion of excess when it comes to any kind of pleasure. Of course each one of us has the right to decide our limits for ourselves and give the same right to those we engage with. She also rightly pointed out the intersection between sexuality and other human needs and aspirations. This has to be acknowledged. Some of us might want to see sexual freedom in relation to those needs and aspirations.
ajstavely711 Avatar
Posted: 01.22.10, 05:32 PM
If the Religious Right gets their way we won't be able to publicly discuss such topics. I am growing very tired of religion in America...It causes people to vote for candidates who support 1-3 issues only...Outlawing Abortion, prevent equal rights for GLTB and prevent Evolution from being taught in Public School. Or the new Creationist strawman "Teach the Controversy". Considering the recent SCOTUS Decision the religious right just might get all 3.
TJ Kastning Avatar
TJ Kastning
Posted: 07.09.09, 07:56 PM
Barry Titus Avatar
Barry Titus
Posted: 01.09.09, 04:16 AM
America's problem used to be that women were not admitting they were not having orgasms, so their husbands wouldn't mention it either.
Barry Titus Avatar
Barry Titus
Posted: 01.09.09, 04:13 AM
Gender feminism and Hillary have produced a greater assault on heterosexuality than the religious right.
Umfundisi Avatar
Posted: 12.09.08, 10:01 AM
Since when did gay men have "reproductive rights"? Mother Nature put the kibosh on that...
Penguin98 Avatar
Posted: 12.05.08, 09:04 PM
Interesting primer on several topics.
farber2 Avatar
Posted: 12.05.08, 03:51 PM
I want a soulgasm. I might not be qualified though, I can read.