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Drew Endy and Jim Thomas Debate Synthetic Biology

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MauiAdventureGroup Avatar
Posted: 05.18.11, 07:30 PM
Jim Thomas clearly doesn't have a science background. He was nervous and really just tried to use fear producing words... In any tech there is always bad things that can happen but the same thing could have happened when we invited bombs...
Eric25001 Avatar
Posted: 03.09.11, 05:46 AM
Without synthetic chemistry we would not have the food to feed the world. Which 85% of todays population should be eliminated? 5 Billion starve to death! Nitrogen pulled from the air to make plants grow feeds the world. Also look at the UCLA work on synthetic biology to make protein based biofuels, chemicals etcetera.
Kondrasky Alejandro Avatar
Kondrasky Alejandro
Posted: 09.12.10, 02:48 PM
The skin cream wasn't a bad idea at all , but it need to be controlled how this organism reproduce ( or none reproduction at all ) and how we manage the bio-waste that can be if is not fully used. We must be scare on this things but being very careful on the environment that we used it. Of course , using in the open and over your body is one of the most dangerous ( if isn't the most ) environment that we could think , but if it meet some clear safety regulations that ensure that this living creatures won't contaminate the environment, them is fairly ok. I think the first problem we must solve is make sure that thinks that are created in the lab never evolve by themselves alone , and this requires a lot more of research. If we are sure of this point , we can predict many things about what we are doing. Also our creations must being incompatible with any organism in the biosphere , I guest we must make this up if we make another type of genetic code that is incompatible. I'm not sure if there is some negative implications in this , so there must be take more carefully , but im believe that if they were compatible some other earth-born organism would take advantage of they DNA material and using it in unknown ways..
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