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Thomas Friedman: Why We Need a Green Revolution

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AlienIquirer Avatar
Posted: 01.28.09, 11:24 AM
It's kind of funny that Mr. Friedman asks during his talk for someone to turn down the air conditioning right above him. He's thinking only about himself because he is used to getting what he gets. It seems that if the AC were turned off above him it would have to be cut off for everybody in the room. Other alternatives could have been to move the podium over a little or for him to put on a coat. This is relevent because the ones who preach Green Revolution are the ones who can handle the monetary cost of it. Mr. Friedman is the same as us when we are feeling cold, but unlike us, he can afford solar panel heat energy while the rest must use coal. He can afford a green car, although he has another, and probably two, gasoline backup cars/SUVs that he can use when he goes where no one will see him. This is not an attack on Mr. Friedman. My apologies if the editors feel so. But the Green Revolution is an attack on developing nations. America was able to build its infrastructure and consumption economy precisely in the way that the Green Revolutionists are dictating to others that they can't. Before you can have a Green revolution you have to develop into one. A Green revolution are for the few. Can it be that America is fearing its economic power diminishing in the near future with the economic beast of China ready to surpass the USA with 4x the population? How can this juggernaught be held back when 10 USA armies cannot stop it physically? Welcome the Green revolution. ;-)
farber2 Avatar
Posted: 11.20.08, 09:56 PM
he sure was in a rush to globalize, now he says what?
glenbobhamburg Avatar
Posted: 11.17.08, 05:25 AM
I appreciate Thomas Friedman's ability to effectively write about and discuss contemporary issues. While he certainly is prone to over-referencing his own previous works, he describes key phenomenon in the world very well.
wolfheinl Avatar
Posted: 11.15.08, 05:35 PM
As an environmental scientist I can honestly say everyone should be very scared. Please check out or for more info on climate change. Or Audubon Society, GreenPeace, Sierra Club, the Pew Center, etc. etc, etc. Get involved and use your voices any way you can to catch the ear of the new administration. Also, please push for the President to attend the upcoming climate change conference in Poland. What good for the environment is good for America. Thanks from Western PA.