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George Mitchell: The Role of the U.S. in a Changing World

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RyanRLong Avatar
Posted: 12.04.08, 12:28 AM
I would disagree, in part. Americas influence is not a moral one, that is the job of the pulpit. From this point on, America is in a position to resume its symbolic representation of amicability around the world, and that includes all policy spheres. The EU is ready to welcome in an new administration that will only embolden the US ability to do so, and for that matter reestablish and reinforce the values that not only Americans share but that much of the modern world shares.
Posted: 11.07.08, 05:35 AM
The U.S. moral influence's on the world. First does not exist! thanks to the Bush group 6 CIA. As one can assume that the moral of America is start wars & take over countries. it will take a volcano to erupt to change the world and the dislike of the New americans.

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