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Geoffrey Blainey: Captain Cook and His Rivals

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SapperK9 Avatar
Posted: 12.12.11, 03:16 PM
This artefact of imperialism is too annoying to hear to the end of his diatribe. The sanctification of Royal Navy captain doing his job at the conclusion of the Seven Years war to view the Spanish pond of the Pacific, under the guise of science, is a tired old remnant of the Doctrine of Discovery, and he fails to attribute the real maritime adventurers, Portuguese some 250 years prior. Please read The Secret Discovery of Australia by Gordon McIntyre, consider the rape of First Nations due to this imperialism and paint this speaker Monarchic establishment blood red. Australia has all too holy a view of itself due in large part to only examining its own private parts and that that it wants examine to justify its contemporary existence in terms of an English colony.

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