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Sarah Vowell: The Wordy Shipmates

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Previous FORAtv comments: Avatar
Posted: 12.20.09, 06:26 PM
I've been a fan of Sarah's work for quite a long time. From her pieces on This American Life to her published works like Assassination Vacation and TWSM she never fails to entertain as well as inform!
J Patrick McCabe Avatar
J Patrick McCabe
Posted: 10.19.09, 04:32 PM
I've seen Sarah on late night and on Jon Stewart, she is really amusing, quick witted, and even challenging as a guest. A refreshing departure from most guests. I am three quarters through Wordy Shipmates and it is a nice easy and informative read. Her history is not dense as reading the Mayflower for example, but it is nice to get a very contemporary and witty perspective on the first arrivals, the local tribes, and the tenuous relationship with England. I am pleased to be able to see this on FORA and flesh it out a bit, but the questions are difficult to hear and she is obviously not feeling well. I think her book should be required reading in high schools and possibly college courses J Patrick in RI
Bix2012 Avatar
Posted: 12.31.08, 06:42 PM
Lol! I love this woman---she's so freakin' cool.

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