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Dr. Geoff Raby - How Much Has China Really Changed?

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Periergeia Avatar
Posted: 06.19.10, 07:43 PM
R.J. Zimmerman... Of course, that's not even true. The personal energy consumption in the US is almost twice that of Europe, with absolutely no measurable return in quality of life. The problem is simply one of efficiency. Since energy was always more expensive in Europe, people have learned to do more with less... a lesson completely lost on the average American who has never lived in Europe and therefor does not have any basis to form an actually informed opinion. By simple IMPROVING our lifestyle, i.e. by driving less and living healthy, we could save much of the energy that is generated from fossil fuels. The rest can, and, since all fossil fuels are finite and we are nearing the end of their economic usefulness, will have to be replaces with renewables and some form of nuclear energy.
R.J. Zimmerman Avatar
R.J. Zimmerman
Posted: 12.24.08, 10:25 AM
@Luke Sexton: I suggest that such a blanket statement demonstrates an ignorance about the realities of energy generation. Setting the statement "there is no such thing as clean coal" aside, we should at least consider, as Mr. Raby has, what the realities are. The choice for China, as well as the United States and others, is either, use Coal, along with a variety of energy sources in the future, or cut our consumption in (quite a bit more than) half and see how we can live without coal. Great idea you say? I encourage you to go home and turn off at least half of your electrical appliances. Turn them completely off at night or for a significant part of the day when the wind does not blow. Stop buying those things that you like, as they're built with electricity...loads of it. Perhaps, write a book by candle light (Oh, wait, that's producing CO2 as well.) When you've got this figured out, let us know how it's going.
markashworth Avatar
Posted: 12.23.08, 08:56 PM
maybe it is a bad name
well there's no such thing as 'clean coal' per se but there are technologies that attempt to reduce the emissions. those technologies are referred to as 'clean coal.' so it is not such an oxymoron as it seems.
luke Sexton Avatar
luke Sexton
Posted: 12.11.08, 01:26 PM
There Is No Such Thing As Clean Coal.

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