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Uncommon Knowledge: Ward Connerly

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parkflies Avatar
Posted: 10.29.08, 10:36 AM
As much as the Constitution is revered, and necessarily so, as a template for the organization of American society, it is nevertheless an imperfect document that in no complete way will account for and contain many impudent realities of human nature and human behavior. Those who support affirmative action (and its attendant imperfections) may know that it is 'extra-constitutional' in the same way they know that humanity is extra-constitutional, just as they may know that it is frivolous and irresponsible to allow an unavoidably limited document to legitimize avoidable human suffering and inequality. And so, thankfully, the Supreme Court has occasionally attempted to administer human justice when Constitutional justice reveals it's limits. Ward Connerly's mistake is over-reliance on the Constitution to deliver human justice; a mistake that I might forgive him for were he not making it from such a place of comfort.