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Kerry Kennedy: Faith in a Modern Era

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VladoG Avatar
Posted: 02.05.10, 08:03 AM
Why are we asking dumb people that haven't had a real job experience in their lives for any answers? Rich lady that is exploiting poor people is "fighting" for their rights and middle class is paying for all of that. Real life Cinderella story.
theseanze Avatar
Posted: 08.10.09, 01:09 PM
She speaks as if she really is royalty. 45 minutes in, she admits she has no time and little interest in working out what it is that she really believes in. Later, she admits she's really only Catholic because of her family. "Once a Catholic, always a Catholic." Then she has the pretension to say "Well, if my children run for office, we'll all be blessed." Sarah Palin is the tip of the iceberg on ignorant people in positions of power.
AlienIquirer Avatar
Posted: 11.22.08, 05:09 PM
The primary purpose of the Abrahamic religions is to maintain the male as the dominator, hence the male deity "God", and don't get me wrong God is a He, not a She (If you want a female deity then read the Tao Te Ching). That Kerry Kennedy's daughter was able to ask why "the Father and Son" was not "the Mother and daughter" is a testament to secular education and the proliferation of capitalism in America. I was once in a third world country where a poor man was reading his Koran but as soon as he saw me standing and looking at his wares for sale, he put his Holy Book down and proferred a sale. The correlation between poverty and religious fundamentalism is undeniable.
Posted: 10.18.08, 04:03 PM
points made are not of hate.
Artemis81 Avatar
Posted: 10.17.08, 03:47 PM
Can we refrain from hate speech here?
Posted: 10.16.08, 03:51 PM
catholic fascist is what is and will be in the main players in world wars. In latin in exact. no wonder a hitler youth is the pope.

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