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Alan Greenspan: Markets and the Judiciary

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farber2 Avatar
Posted: 03.07.09, 05:38 PM
it all comes down to trust. did you trust Paulsen when he ran Goldman sachs? did you trust him as treasury secretary? If you trust corporations but not government, when did you stop trusting Paulsen? Can you trust the government? can you trust companies to do the right thing? I think you need to legislate trust out of the situation. like having three branches of government. something any way. greed is infectious. Everyone has their price, coruption is the final enemy.
PJSPinheiro Avatar
Posted: 10.26.08, 10:13 PM
Right! If you want to distribute wealth, you gotta create it first, and there are lots of economic theories about how to do that! What I've never read about (well to be fair Fareed Zakaria has written some about it, to be fair), is when to redistribute the wealth. I mean, I'm sick and tired of the excuse "If we pay more taxes now, we can't invest and make more money and we will not be able to help the poors in the future". How long have they been giving this answer? And will they ever stop using it?

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