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Michael Eric Dyson: No Dreams Deferred?

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Z Rushing Avatar
Z Rushing
Posted: 02.17.10, 06:21 AM
After watching this video I don't understand Jon Irenicus & Logician comments. It seems that he can be "word rich" maybe one too many words for one concept but but "drivel", I don't think so. Please explain if you can Jon. Logician, what did he say against capitalism? He spoke to better understanding, combating poverty, and the responsibility of society to those that have less through the eyes of MLK Jr no less. Is that all it takes to stand as an "anti-capitalist"? If So count me in the ranks of the later.
Merwijk Avatar
Posted: 08.04.09, 05:18 AM
If that's true, it illuminates something about you, not about Dyson. It shows that you are not persuaded by content but by a speaker’s dialect. I think it testifies to strength of character to stand amongst any group, and speak in your own tongue, instead of trying to fit in by mirroring other people’s behavior. Also him speaking in Ebonics so eloquently, shows he is able to separate African American culture from the socio-economic situation a lot of African-Americans are in. Something you apparently can not.
clwright Avatar
Posted: 04.21.09, 02:25 AM
on the contrary...i think it makes him even more effective.
PetertheAwesome Avatar
Posted: 02.28.09, 10:52 PM
He's looking to reach a certain audience - if you don't like it, i'm gonna guess you're not part of that audience and he's just fine with that.
ClydeOnline Avatar
Posted: 11.25.08, 08:25 PM
Michael Eric Dyson needs to stop speaking "Ebonics." I think his usage of this speech makes him less persuasive.
Jon Irenicus Avatar
Jon Irenicus
Posted: 11.21.08, 02:03 AM
I have never seen anyone able to use so many words to say so little. In that category, he is first class. As for the rest... the only word that comes to mind is, drivel.
Logician Avatar
Posted: 11.18.08, 03:34 PM
Dyson is a demagogue. Oh how so many use the anti-capitalist argument as a crutch to push their economically illiterate agenda. His postmodern sophistry is typical of contemporary "intellectuals."
psychologist3 Avatar
Posted: 11.08.08, 01:40 AM
Barack won by 52%, larger margins than any Democrat since Johnson. The age of Racism is over. But the Age of Race Bating and the Race Industry has just begun.
parkflies Avatar
Posted: 10.20.08, 01:16 PM
Jack is nimble. It is unfortunate that our current media isn't formatted to effectively accommodate the likes of ME Dyson. Wether you agree or disagree, his argument runs long and deep.