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Greg Mortenson: Three Cups of Tea

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Commonwealth Club of California

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Dmitry76 Avatar
Posted: 07.20.10, 09:48 AM
As far I understand women are the most conservative part of the society. If you educate them first you will explode the social stucture of the country.
theoriginaldrifter Avatar
Posted: 06.16.09, 12:53 PM
Well, Alienlquirer, it seems there are already schools for boys so they are gaining their education. I think the point is that schools are now being erected for girls as well. As for men gaining their education first and then women, the Western culture did that because we didn't know any better. But it's the year 2009 and we should be able to expedite these processes. I agree with rick manges. As Americans, we are to support equal rights. Think about the possibilities. If girls receive up to a fifth grade education and can achieve so much, imagine if they were able to continue their education. From said results, it seems we would be one step closer to world peace.
rick manges Avatar
rick manges
Posted: 01.30.09, 08:33 AM
My interpersonal communications class is studying Three Cups of Tea along side of our textbook. This man and his organization are doing great work. Educate the men first? Isn't that the attitude already in place? The girls have a divine right to the same education; that is not just my opinion, but is also stated in the Muslim's most holy book, the Koran.
AlienIquirer Avatar
Posted: 01.24.09, 12:48 PM
Are the Taliban afraid that the women are being taught feminism? Before the women are educated-- educate the men first, like Western culture did.