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T. Boone Pickens - Reducing Oil Dependence

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mach1shotgun Avatar
Posted: 07.09.09, 04:15 AM
I am an engineer and inventor, and I have actually developed an exhaust system for cars and trucks that improves combustion dramatically and naturally. It has the potential to reduce our fuel consumption by 10%20% and even more all by itself, and talk about emissions reductions, it is proportionate to the percentages of the reduced fuel consumption. IF it were possible to get this in front of someone like Mr.Pickens, or another energy advocate, Al Gore. It might be possible to work on implementation, but the problem I am having is being heard. 2012 mandates, no problem accomplishing it, but it is impossible because of the same system that mandates it. I sent the lab reports to one of the big three that is now on its knees begging for bailout money, showing a 23% improvement on fuel economy, and huge reductions in all four tailpipe emissions, and they didnt even have the courtesy of even checking it out, it was a flat out "we are not interested" I kept a copy of the letter to show when the time is right. If an exlusive was granted to these folks, and the system implemented into production with them leading the way to where the auto engineers say "it cant be done that fast" Bull----.I have done it, I challenge Mr. Pickens to a meeting, and allow me fifteen minutes to show him the future, or at least a part of it. not one single product will fix this, but a combined effort will. How many other technologies are out there in the hands of a small timer like me that will do what mine has done, and more, heaven forbid someone would allow anyone else contribute. Mr Pickens, give me a shot.
Frank B Avatar
Frank B
Posted: 11.27.08, 09:25 PM
Electricity in the USA is largely produced by burning fossil fuels (66.9%)and by nuclear reactors (19.2%). If we want to switch to electric vehicles which do not get electricity from burning fossil fuels we will need to greatly increase the use of nuclear reactors.
farber2 Avatar
Posted: 11.18.08, 03:23 PM
what pickens said on the daily show in Nov. 2008, was that we should have natural gas trucks, as a bridge till we can find another source, primarily to get us off of foreign oil. sounds good, it's going to need commitment from gov. and others.
farber2 Avatar
Posted: 11.18.08, 03:20 PM
don't forget, this pickens guy is the main funding source of the swift boat attack adds against Kerry in 2004. so his objectivity is in question to me.
Jon Irenicus Avatar
Jon Irenicus
Posted: 10.11.08, 02:27 AM
@kgrr I wish it were the case that we could replace the trucking fleet with electric trucks, but that is not possible, suggesting it is a credible alternative at this point in time is entirely wrong, at best, dishonest at worst. For a start the top speed of those trucks does not exceed 30 mph to my knowledge, and the range is nowhere near what can be achieved for diesel. And we are not even touching the recharge time needed, it is just not tenable. This is a CORE problem for the absolute get off oil/fossil fuel purists. You CANNOT go cold turkey from fossil fuels in terms of transportation precisely because of the need to keep our trucking fleet operational. Stopping trucks is not an option, that would cripple the economy even further than it already is. Virtually EVERYTHING we have in terms of physical goods goes by trucks at some point, we need them. So kgrr, you are free to disagree with the point, and so you are also free to be wrong. Like Gore on this issue.
kgrr Avatar
Posted: 10.07.08, 07:27 AM
Mr. Pickens, I kindly have to disagree with you and have to side with Al Gore on this one. Very heavy hybrid-electric and all electric vehicles do exist. Please check out the General Electric Hybrid Locomotive and the Heavy Duty Electric Trucks that are being used at the Port of Los Angeles. YouTube has videos of both.