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Political Cartoonist Khalil Bendib

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Commonwealth Club of California

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kreaturen Avatar
Posted: 04.29.10, 02:42 AM
Jeez! The day Americans elect a muslim for President, I'm outta here! Hitch a ride with sum Aliens or sumthin'!
MoonPolice Avatar
Posted: 02.20.09, 12:59 PM
That was awful, he sounds like an 9 year old making jokes at a Christmas party while the family pretends to laugh. Not clever, not interesting and more importantly not even funny.
Ronn Avatar
Posted: 10.28.08, 08:01 PM
Most of what Mr. Bendib is nonsense. As a former TSA officer I can tell you that we are prohibited from any form of racial profiling. Everyone is to be treated the same. Most complaints are about why innocent senior citizens and children are sometimes subjected to secondary screening. The answer is the everyone is to treated equally and as a potential threat until fully screened. Not just people with the name Khalil Bendib. When I travel I am subjected to the exact same process.