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Michael Bloomberg on the Economy in Crisis

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Lightning Rod Avatar
Lightning Rod
Posted: 10.14.08, 01:43 AM
It seems absolutely incredible to me that Michael Bloomberg is not being assigned to be the major consultant appointed by the President to cure the ailments of Wall Street. It seems to me he has the best handle on this subject. He is the natural leader we so urgently need for this purpose. Am I alone in this belief? I think he makes more sense than anybody else. He is fully qualified to be appointed to function at the Federal Level in this capacity, if he would willing to accept the position. I would like to see him as the President's Economic Chief of Staff, fully delegated to make the recommendations he deems appropriate. Wake up, America. I think he holds the key to our economic recovery. Am I the only one who hears the alarm going off? Who is more qualified to be our nation's leader in identifying and resolving Wall Street's deleterious practices to do this monumental job? He should he should be placed in charge of a Blue Ribbon Committee to prepare the Plan of Action and subsequently implement all steps necessary to make Wall Street free of all of its deleterious excesses that have caused America's worst economic crisis of our times. Those who would serve on his Committee should be screened by Congress to ensure their competence and credentials are totally in the public interest, not Wall Street's interest. If anybody can heal the Stock Market and come up with the best ways for recovering from this unprecented financial mess that has been festering for much too long, it would be Michael Bloomberg. I suspect he would gladly work for a fee $1 per year, plus essential expenses, for as long as it takes. I hope this suggestion will find its way into the national limelight.
Invictus_88 Avatar
Posted: 09.25.08, 05:51 PM
I hope FORA continue to host full versions like this, I can't imagine I'm the only person to prefer them.

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