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Violence & the Left in Dark Times: A Debate

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phiscal Avatar
Posted: 10.14.11, 02:42 PM
Very entertaining discussion. Zizek is hilarious. "When we take over you willnot go to Gulag. Just 2 years of re-educaiton for you." He is also ludicrous - That " is a humanitarin mask on the face of economic exploitation". The fact that birthrates exceed economic growth in some places is not evidence of commercial exploitation by the west. But the gem of the video is Bernard Henri Levy on the setback of the left "There was a time when the left believed it could be faithful to equality and freedom at the same time. Today, you have more and more people on the left who say equality, yes; freedom we leave it to the right. This is a setback." ...or an indication that the left's commitment to freedom has alway been tenuous.
phiscal Avatar
Posted: 10.14.11, 02:32 PM
@theknopfknows, citations, please.
theknopfknows Avatar
Posted: 07.07.11, 09:19 PM
Carnegie and Rockefeller started American Eugenics brought from England 1910. !924 supported Kaiser`s institute and introduced Eugenics to Germany population control through blood purity. So YES charity a Mask for Carnegie Ford Rockefeller JP Morgan IBM-WATSON. General Electric,Coca Cola ALL helped HITLER STALIN AND MAO kill millions of People. Population control equals slavery.
Plato.179 Avatar
Posted: 05.01.11, 02:15 PM
Thank you Daedalus, I was lost on the joke myself. Now after some quick research, I get it. Thanks again
Plato.179 Avatar
Posted: 05.01.11, 02:01 PM
I don't understand your resistance
Quote: Originally Posted by Vrasidas dreadful empty meaningless rhetoric! It surprises me that you did not understand the discussion of charity. It simply referred to the new tactic of corporations to utilize the use of contributions of part of a purchase to go to charity. As Zizek perceives it, this relieves both parties (corporations/public) from: feeling guilty about not donating to worthwhile cause; and, mot caring about people who, say, are homeless and starving. What Zizek suspects, the price goes into the price of the purchase. A good way to drum up some business. I could go on but your probably happy I don't. Just a matter of explanation.
Plato.179 Avatar
Posted: 05.01.11, 01:53 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by Shackleberry Wow! Slavoj Zizek is a true mental GIANT! It's very exciting to listen to his opinion because he, I believe, bring a truely unique incite into his debate.
Plato.179 Avatar
Posted: 05.01.11, 01:50 PM
Here... Here!
Ben NCM Avatar
Posted: 03.03.11, 09:32 AM
The host is absolutely insufferable.
Daedelus Avatar
Posted: 02.16.11, 12:32 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by Newspeaker cool poem (18 minutes in). The poem is by Radovan Karadžić. Do you get the joke now?
Charles Frith Avatar
Charles Frith
Posted: 02.01.11, 08:45 AM
Tariq Ali lays into Bernhard Henri Levy

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