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Steven Pinker - The Stuff of Thought

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SKJ Avatar
Posted: 06.05.11, 01:21 PM
Great talk. After watching a talk on fora I ask myself "what did I learn for this talk" and usually I can think of one or two points that are really worth remembering. For think one I can think of at least six, and I'm sure that I have forgot some. I have to watch this again some day!
kchartstein Avatar
Posted: 04.29.09, 01:23 PM
This lecture was as entertaining as it was enlightening. I especially liked Pinker's comments on the use of swear words to elicit emotional responses.
Visions&Connections Avatar
Posted: 10.11.08, 12:11 PM
Steven Pinker is Brilliant. He explores the use of linguistics in such a complicated but simple manner as well. He probes into the psychology of words in the common world. The connection between language and mind is quite intriguing.
journeyer58 Avatar
Posted: 09.20.08, 09:06 AM
This is an eye-opening, and entertaining speech. It shows the viewer the uses of language and idiomatic speech. Show more speeches like this, this can engage the viewer with the ideal of knowledge.

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