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Jimmy Wales - Free Speech, Free Minds and Free Markets

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AlienIquirer Avatar
Posted: 11.22.08, 11:15 AM
It seems to me that a few years ago Google would come up with results so relevent that I thought they were reading my mind. The difference today is obvious. Commercialism (money) dominates and has won out in the search engine world. Any algorithm or encryption, for that matter, has been proven fallible time after time. One thing that has not, however, been conquered by wisdom is fortune, a.k.a. Randomness. There should be a search engine whose results are purely random as long as it contains only one of the search terms. That is, if you type in "Mets" a blog containing the typagraphically wrong sentence "She mets me at the restaurant and we had a wonderful meal" has the same weight of being in the top ten hits as would With the amount of information available on the internet today, randomness might be more enlightening than relevance.
adreedy Avatar
Posted: 10.16.08, 07:25 AM
I'm not sure if your complaint is with the subject or the presentation, but according to his logic the Mzoli's article is legitimate. Just because "you" (meaning anyone) don't care about Mzoli's or Pokemon does not negate the fact they are verifiable entities. I would also argue their cultural relevance as being reason for keeping them up; what some random guy ate for breakfast is not relevant to anyone or anything, whereas even though I could care less about Pokemon, it has a cultural significance far beyond the average Wiki users daily activities.
thekohser Avatar
Posted: 10.07.08, 09:54 AM
I wonder what Jimbo would have said about the verifiability of "Mzoli's" -- the horrid stub of an article that he created, only to be "saved" to the level of verifiability by his many sycophants on the project? Places like Mzoli's are ROUTINELY deleted from Wikipedia, but since Mzoli's had the mark of Jimbo, it stayed.