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Marwan Muasher: Arab Center and the Promise of Moderation

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theknopfknows Avatar
Posted: 12.19.10, 05:49 PM
I[m sorry He is dreaming or He knows nothing of the Hebrew/Jewish/Israel/Zionist. The Jews world wide will not give up Jerusalem, there will be no 2 state solution until the Palestinians give up Jerusalem. Plus going back to 67 borders after years of rockets no way, what is the punishment to the Arabs/Palestinians for attacking Israel, where is their punishment. So too bad he is dreaming, Jews are dreaming of the Temple Mount not a two state solution it is not even dinner table conversation in Israel, Israeli stopped 95% of all suicide bombing because of the Partition wall. Hamas announced again NO WAY TO ISRAEL. So He is dreaming. Little dreamer dream on. thanks foratv, but We can do better.
theknopfknows Avatar
Posted: 12.19.10, 05:21 PM
The problem with the Arab peace process is that you can not have a process when 50% of the arab population-women are not free. There will be no negotiated peace without the freedom of Arab women. Israeli women are free, there will never be a 2 state solution without the freedom of Arab women, THERE IS ONLY ONE OPTION, FREE THE WOMEN, Free to vote BUT NOT FREE TO LIVE, waste of Time The King must die so women can be free!

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