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Ron Paul Speech at the Rally for the Republic

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bjarnet3 Avatar
Posted: 08.08.10, 08:37 AM
Ron Paul is amazing,,, I'm speechless... Great crowd !!!
Unlimited Avatar
Posted: 12.16.09, 01:11 PM
Thomas Jefferson predicted that this would happen if the practice if central banking was used.
mossbackjr Avatar
Posted: 01.01.09, 11:41 AM
Yes Folks it time to pay the piper for our past deeds. Not only do we need to nix the FED Reserve but the IRS. They both are inter-connected( no surprise there. I must confess, that I voted Republican most of my life because my father had. I now realize the olly of this practice. On must read what Thomas Jefferson said about a central banking system to come to the conclusion that we have been screwed.
Chase Avatar
Posted: 12.30.08, 12:01 AM
Edward is correct. The video needs to be re-labeled. This man offered to help get America on the path to freedom and peace, and the powers that be saw to it that it didn't happen. History will show this as an enormous loss for individual sovereignty.
edward1234 Avatar
Posted: 09.30.08, 10:28 AM
This speech didn't happen at the RNC, it took place at a rally for Ron Paul across town. Not only had been denied a speaking role at the GOP Convention, he was also given only limited access to the floor of the Xcel Energy Center.
MickTheBrick Avatar
Posted: 09.07.08, 12:09 PM
Ron Paul's speech speaks to the American reality of when we married the new world order and its interests became our foreign policy. We bankrupt economically and spiritually as we desert our Constitution. The phenomena of youth supporting Ron Paul speaks to his constant use of 'our' and not 'my' plans and hopes.
deepblue Avatar
Posted: 09.06.08, 03:38 AM
rayzor1967 Avatar
Posted: 09.04.08, 07:14 AM
Ron Paul: The only candidate truly qualified to be president.

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