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The New Republic: The Politics of Green

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wolfheinl Avatar
Posted: 11.15.08, 05:57 PM
As an environmental scientist I can honestly say everyone should be very scared. Please check out or for more info on climate change. Or Audubon Society, GreenPeace, Sierra Club, the Pew Center, etc. etc, etc. Get involved and use your voices any way you can to catch the ear of the new administration. Also, please push for the President to attend the upcoming climate change conference in Poland. What good for the environment is good for America. Thanks from Western PA.
tonytopper Avatar
Posted: 09.15.08, 11:29 AM
The problem is the energy equation has many variables. Politicians will ignore the variables that don't cater to their talking points and voter base. That's because it's a game of perceptions; it's not a matter of truth. This discussion had far too much politics interjected.
Jon Irenicus Avatar
Jon Irenicus
Posted: 09.02.08, 11:54 PM
Hmm, would have been nice to get a perspective from the McCain side too. On the nuclear aversion towards the end, one point left unsaid to those who are uneasy with it is the issue of baseline power. Solar and wind are volatile power sources, if there is a lull in the wind for days, or storms for days, that can dramatically reduce power levels. Their NEEDS to be a source of BASEline power independent on environmental fluctuations, and right now there are 3 choices. Coal, hydro, nuclear. Some environmentalists are opposed to all 3, but that last 2 are the least harmful by FAR. To those set against it, all I can say is get over it, nuclear is the only game in town for those not near hydro capable areas for baseline power that does not shoot tons of carbon into the air. They need to be challenged on this and confront it.

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