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Would We Be Better Off Without Religion?

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alfredote Avatar
Posted: 12.05.12, 12:25 AM
This guy's brain must be pretty weirdly wired to end up seeing science as a religion. You can tell the reach of his sight in his notion that people "fear a warm climate" that all generations in the past have welcome. Hellooo! People fear exacerbating weather extremes, crippling droughts, devastating floods, food shortages, vast coastlines and cities flooded, spreading disease --and the dislocating wars and extinctions that are mathematically predicted to follow. Of course there is great uncertainty: the precise extent of the planet that will become unllivable if not uninhabitable, 20, 30, 40, 60%?
DamnUnicorn Avatar
Posted: 06.17.11, 05:52 PM
If by history you mean fact, then you are incorrect.
Gunner Avatar
Posted: 02.09.11, 05:53 AM
Richard Ackland is really great in this debate, where it comes down to according to me is what he says at the end of his speech. "If there is no god, there's no point to religion" The fact is, religious people have no evidence for the existence of a god and try to keep the debate from pointing that out, cause the outcome would be that the theory of religion is highly flawed. Not only is there no evidence for a god or any miracles, the few pieces of evidence that they do have is flawed in such a way that it is laughable. The Bible and the Koran have so many ridiculous verses that nobody in their right mind could use these books as an explanation for the reason of life. However, because many people rather life in false knowledge than in doubt, they take the easy way out. This combined with religious education by parents and even schools makes religion still the most important doctrine in the world. Listening to Ian Plimer is an example of last said, he simply can’t believe that we are the product of coincidence or call it luck. The next step he takes is filling the void with a theory that is well established and can’t be falsified, cause it is just as much impossible to proof that there is no god as that there is. However the absence of proof can’t be used as a reason to adopt the religious ways. The point Ian makes about environmentalism is a just one though. Not accepting any criticism on the state of the environment is just as bad as not doing so in religion. However, just that environmentalists share one characteristic with religion, doesn’t make their whole theory religious. Environmentalist still take the evidence from science and can actually see the thing they fight for. Finally on the part of Suzanne Rutland, she stresses that the emphasis is always on the bad parts of religion, and not the good parts. She goes on to talk about the ten commandments, just to leave out the ridiculous parts of the bible. The fact that the bible has it’s good sides, doesn’t mean that reason and science are inferior. Example: Reason made us abolish slavery, the bible preaches it, the old and the new testament. (read: Leviticus 25) Need I say more?
RandyH Avatar
Posted: 02.08.11, 12:15 AM
Quote: Originally Posted by galtexan farber2 if God didn't give us the knowledge to become Doctors and build hospitals, then we would probably be extinct by now! Do you have any other stupid comments? Religion is brainwashing and indoctrination. You are a fine example of both.
Sebastian Reichmann Avatar
Sebastian Reichmann
Posted: 12.29.10, 06:13 AM
I lol'd around 01:13 :00
Caz Loth Avatar
Caz Loth
Posted: 10.18.10, 07:29 AM
Nobody knows God. Stop talking about things you know nothing about.
Caz Loth Avatar
Caz Loth
Posted: 10.11.10, 12:53 PM
Ian Pilmer is a joke. He's obviously a corporate puppet that has not even used his skill of observation. All one has to do is look around. He obviously hasn't or he would notice a world ravaged by technology. And NOW is the most important moment. He's lost in the past somewhere. He represents the cleptocracy who doesn't want us to be aware or awake. He subscibes to the fantasy that everything is fine and if we just leave it alone, everything will work out fine. That's Hollywood, not the real world. He can be compared to a resent scientific statement calling people who spend time thinking about the quality of their food as being seriously neurotic. He's blowing smoke up our you know what and I bet he's on the dole of some corporation and if not, he will be soon.
playtoofast Avatar
Posted: 10.10.10, 04:04 PM
If religion supports war , violence , indifference to suffering ,then we are better off without it . I do not care under what banner , flag or religion that brings to all people the security of peace , an end to violence , and relief of human suffering as long as we diligently work to this end plague among men .
Mohan0128 Avatar
Posted: 10.06.10, 05:36 PM
It is disheartening to see such an intelligent group of scholars limiting the topic of religion to merely the ones centered on the God of Abraham. I cannot imagine this is due to mere ignorance or apathy, but rather the recognition that it would be ludicrous to suggest that the ever-evolving non-fanatical, non-dogmatic religions of the East could actually be questioned. What have they provided? A short list would include Gandhian ideals, the origins of Jungian psychology, the Compassionate Way of the Buddha, and the oft-quoted verse from the Hindu Vedas - "Truth is One. Man reaches it in many ways." Perhaps an effort should be made to recognize the value of what are less religions, but spiritual traditions, before one merely downplaying the value of religion as a whole.
marecki Avatar
Posted: 10.05.10, 07:45 AM
How come that L. Allison singled out only these religions which are safe to name in criticism? Fear or ignorance? Dawkins once said “I do not criticize you because I fear you” Ms Allison, rings the bell? it does, doesn’t it.

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