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Marion Nestle: What to Eat

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bhamel2000 Avatar
Posted: 09.01.09, 03:57 PM
Gaining fat and being obese is not due to eating too much, it's caused but what you eat. 1 calorie is not equal to 1 calorie (for your body). Your body doesnt deal with different foods the same way. Processed foods such as white bread spike blood sugar levels which spike insulin levels, which has the body store glucose in fat cells, whereas eating foods containing mostly fat and/or proteins do not affect insulin levels and therefore one wont become fat when eating those foods. Eating fat doesnt make you fat (and doesnt bring on chronic diseases either). Ben
heybd Avatar
Posted: 04.07.09, 06:06 PM
I think it's sad and just a little shameful that the naivete of children is being exploited by corporations for profit at the expense of their healthy well-being. Not that I am indemnifying parents for their role in how children are raised, but I wish food companies would take into account the fact that their products are consumed by growing kids rather than just chase bigger profits and market share.
farmerjoe Avatar
farmerjoe +
Posted: 09.13.08, 09:16 PM
The camera operator must have fallen asleep, we never see the power point screen!