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Richard Muller on Physics for Future Presidents

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socratus Avatar
Posted: 11.04.11, 12:29 AM
We are surrounded by Duality. 1. A central concept of Quantum Theory is wave–particle duality. 2. The Universe as whole is Two - Measured World: one Reference Frame is the Matter World and another Reference Frame is the Vacuum World. It is possible to say that we are surrounded by Double Universe. 3. Our brain works on dualistic basis: usually as a logical consciousness and rarely as an unconsciousness. It means the interaction between billions and billions neurons can be in two states: a) In the state of consciousness ( C) b)or in the state of unconsciousness ( U). The question is: How can the information ( or quantum of information ) transfer ( or be transferred) from the state C to the state U and vice versa ? Isn’t this question similar to the puzzle of quantum tunneling ? =. Conclusion: The elementary particles, the Universe, the brain – all they have dualistic basis. And until now the dualistic phenomena has no solution. ===. P.S. "... indeed an understanding of psi phenomena and of consciousness must provide the basis of an improved understanding of quantum mechanics." / Evan Walker / # ‘ The old philosophical question: Does only the brain create Consciousness ? Some scientists are not sure .’ / Book ‘The Holographic Universe.’ by Michael Talbot. / # Daniel Shechtman who won the 2011 Nobel Prize in chemistry for quasi crystals, having spent much of his career being vilified and exiled as a crank “I was thrown out of my research group. They said I brought shame on them with what I was saying.” ===. Israel Sadovnik Socratus. =====.
socratus Avatar
Posted: 08.17.11, 05:54 AM
If Infinity is some kind of reality: what to do? 1. Classic physics has infinity as conception of Newtonian space and Newtonian time. 2. Quantum theory meets with infinity. 3. Cosmology occupied with infinity. . . . etc . . . . ===. About every part of physics occupied with concept ‘ infinity’. But . . . Infinity is a irrational concept. We cannot measure it. (!) What to do? # I can say: God doesn’t exist because we cannot see him/ her /it, touch him/ her/ it, hear or smell him /her/ it. Millions will agree with this argument. But in Physics I cannot say the Infinity doesn’t exist because we cannot measure it.. Is it true, we cannot measure it, but it appears again and again in many physical and mathematical problems. In spit of my or your or physicists wish it appears again and again because . . . because it is some kind of reality. (!) What to do? # The answer can be only one: If we cannot escape the concept ‘ Infinity’, if ‘ Infinity’ is some kind of reality, then we must agree with it existence and find the ‘ hidden’ parameters of ‘ Infinity’ in Physics. # It seems, that the best role on this place can take only two physical parameters: T= 0K and E= 0 = infinite ( the lowest state of cosmic background energy). # Maybe somebody will suggest another concrete physical parameter or parameters? ========. Best wishes. Israel Sadovnik. Socratus. ========================..
changshageorge Avatar
Posted: 12.18.09, 10:45 PM
This lecture by Richard Muller, is an excellent introduction to his course on Physics or "Physics for Future Presidents", and is accessible via the web. I have viewed all the web lectures in this series and have learned a great deal about physics and how it relates to our lives...indeed, because of advances in computer technology, I have been able to access his course while teaching in China. However, attempting to get his book for the course in this country, is another matter...Richard Muller, has said, his book has been translated in Chinese, but I'm still looking for it...even if you are not able to get his book, participate and watch his program on's a real treat!
circa68 Avatar
Posted: 10.25.09, 07:39 PM
Flash Dave, thanks for the tip, very informative stuff indeed..
flash dave Avatar
flash dave
Posted: 09.16.09, 04:59 PM
Muller's lectures are a fantastic introduction to physics, I highly recommend them they can be found on YouTube.