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Color Blind: The 2008 Race and Beyond

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Richard Guha Avatar
Richard Guha
Posted: 10.18.08, 09:27 PM
While this is an interesting hypothesis, I am not sure that it really holds up to examination. If I hear someone speaking apparently fluent Chinese behind me and when I turn around I see a blond Westerner, I am surprised, but accept it instantly. We do have no problem in associating a Secretary of State with any race, once we see it happen. But the fact that it may be a surprise does not mean that it has to be a barrier - unless one has some preconception that a black person could not be qualified, which is, after all, racism.
QuietFire Avatar
Posted: 10.17.08, 09:37 AM
I love how she said we should progress to be "Motivative Processors" and how we usually process info in positive environments vs. negative environments..and to relate this to the motive of the Obama Campain creates much intellitual stimulation. I Love IT!